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Our Physical Therapy Services

Strength Training

Postural and isolated muscle strengthening for patients with Torticollis to the young Athlete. Evidenced-based strengthening for Cerebral Palsy. Use of body-weight resistance, manual techniques and weights to improve and enhance functional movement patterns.

Flexibility Training

Certified Pediatric Myofascial Release, Certified Pediatric Therapeutic Taping, Experienced Pediatric Manual Therapy skills and Serial Casting for evidenced-based progress in muscle length and joint range of motion.

Balance Training

Training and experience in visual-vestibular-auditory techniques and Perception-Action Motor Approach to promote long-lasting improvements in postural control, static and dynamic balance, safety in functional mobility.

Coordination Training

Certified Pediatric Interactive Metronome training and Gross Motor Skill training to re-wire the brain and improve function. Experienced treatment in Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autism and FASD.

Gait Training

Video analysis and orthotic assessment to promote neuromuscular re-education of mechanics. Extensive experience with re-training gait mechanics for Cerebral Palsy and Idiopathic Tip-Toe Walking.

Reflex Integration

Certified Reflex Integration for developmental and behavioral management.

Sensory Processing and Integration

Trained, certified and experienced in sensory integration techniques necessary for effective physical therapy treatment of children with SPD and ASD including How Does Your Engine Run, Therapeutic Listening, Astronaut Training, and Interactive Metronome.

Continuing Education in addition to those techniques listed above including Sensory processing and NDT treatment, Treatment of the young athlete, Physical therapy management of children with Cancer, Hip stability and assessment in Cerebral Palsy, Management for ODD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Nutrition in the pediatric patient, and more.